The Youth & the Old should walk together for a better World 

Observing International Youth Day, our civil society organization, India Youth For Society (IYFS), organized a meeting at the Public Library this morning on ‘creating a world for all ages.’ The theme for the day set by the United Nations is ‘International Solidarity.’ 

Prof. V Balamohandas, Former Vice Chancellor, Acharya Nagarjuna University, addressed the gathering and interacted with young people. He guided the students that they should be mentally strong to create a place for all ages. The youth should be able to avoid prejudice and discrimination. He felt that the young should walk with the old and vice versa so that the old would remain young and the young would learn from the old. 

Prof. Das preaches, ‘HUG.’ 
H – Help 
U – Unite 
G – Generations 

NSS Sarath Chandra, Secretary, India Youth For Society (IYFS), said that our generation is living in the Social Media world, and we always feel that we do not have time for others. 

Mummana Jagadish Kumar, Vice President, India Youth For Society (IYFS), read the keynotes of the Global Report on Ageism launched by the United Nations in March 2021. He said the report highlights the many data gaps concerning ageism against youth. Despite this lack of research, young people report age-related barriers in their lives, such as employment, political participation, health, and justice. On an individual level, these age-related obstacles can profoundly impact well-being and livelihoods during youth and adulthood. On a societal level, ageism prevents us from thinking and designing policies and social services that adopt a life-course approach and are fair for all ages. 

Continuing his reading,  he also highlighted how the Global Report on Ageism identifies intergenerational interventions as one of the three key strategies to address ageism. Intergenerational activities can also create a greater social connectedness and strengthen intergenerational solidarity. 

UN Youth Says that fostering intergenerational solidarity is necessary to ensure an inclusive and sustainable recovery. As we navigate the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must recognize and address these age-related barriers to “build back better,” leveraging all generations’ strengths and knowledge. 

Jagadish Kumar  Mummana 
Vice President, India Youth For Society 
Phone: 9951958686

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