World Paper Bag Day 2022

One good substitute for Plastic bags is Paper Bags, much more Environmental friendly!
Every July 12 th is celebrated as “ World Paper Bag Day”. 

Significance & Theme of Paper Bags: To make People aware of use & effectiveness of Paper Bags and make them understand the harms & effects of plastic bags on mother Nature. “Eradicate Plastic and safeguard the Earth”, the theme.

 Advantages of Paper bags:
*Made of Wood.
*Easily decomposable,
*Recyclable & reusable.
*Do not leave any toxins which can harm Nature.
*Made from Recycled material.
*Cost friendly.

We Humans can only survive if our Mother Nature is clean,healthy and well maintained.
Regularly using & reusing Paper Bags, a healthy way to avoid damage to Mother Nature, and a vital aid to Save Earth, in a fit way for Human Existence.


Shri D Mahesh Rao, M.A. (Economics)

Ex General Manager, MMTC Ltd, New Delhi


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