Aims & Objectives


  • To teach students about conservation methods.
  • To spread environmental awareness in all areas. 
  • To implement plastic pollution preventive measures through awareness campaigns, cleaning activities and mechanical scrap handling.
  • To work towards water conservation and to restore polluted ponds, lakes and water tanks.
  • To help unemployed youth with mentorship and assistance, while providing them with growth opportunities for a secured livelihood.
  • To promote traffic safety and to assist accident victims
  • To aid in drug de-addiction and provide mental support
  • To promote peace and non-violence among the citizens
  • To encourage handicrafts and promote local heritage.

Our Work

  1. Spread awareness about the hazards caused by discarded plastics to facilitate a behavioural change in plastic consumption. 
  2. Promote available alternatives to disposable plastics through citizen activities as well as collaboration with state authorities.
  3. Cloth bags, paper bags, and steel items are made available and promoted.
  4. Collect, manage and recycle plastic waste.