India Youth For Society (IYFS) was established under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001 (Regd. No.  331/2011) with headquarters at Visakhapatnam. The Society has grown from a few nominal members to 34 active and efficient group members along with volunteers and interns. Today, the society runs its awareness campaigns in Visakhapatnam as well as Hyderabad.


To take a proactive approach towards empowerment of youth, protection of the environment and providing employment opportunities.


We spread awareness by demonstrating waste reprocessing to achieve a plastic pollution free India, and facilitate employment opportunities by providing vocational training.


  • Teaching students about conservation methods.
  • Spreading environmental awareness in all areas.
  • Implementing plastic pollution preventive measures through campaigns, cleaning activities and mechanical scrap handling.
  • Working towards water conservation and restoration of polluted water bodies.
  • Providing mentorship, assistance and growth opportunities for a secured livelihood to the unemployed youth.
  • Promoting traffic safety and assisting accident victims.
  • Aiding drug de-addiction and providing mental support.
  • Promoting peace and non-violence among the citizens.
  • Encouraging handicrafts and promoting local heritage.