Clear Coasts Campaign

With Samata College, Visakhapatnam

Now the public has to take responsibility of proper disposal 

India Youth For Society (IYFS) & Samata College jointly organized a cleanup drive at Tenneti Park beach area in which about 90 students, faculty of Samata College, Sanitation staff and the members of India Youth For Society participated. 

“In spite of efforts by the public, ULB & associations like ours, marine plastic pollution is seen everywhere and everyday. Our society has been cleaning the beaches since April of 2019 and it is increasing rapidly,” says M Jagadish Kumar, Vice President, India Youth For Society. For about 0.4 tons of garbage has been collected and handed over to the municipal staff.

Dr. G Srinivasa Rao, Director, Samata College also participated and addressing the students, he said that their college is teaching the students about the social responsibilities and waste disposal. Joining hands with IYFS, monthly waste collection drives are organized. 

The Students of Samata College are cleaning the Tenneti Park Beach, Visakhapatnam, India

Vendors / hawkers are to be educated about the handling of their daily waste and the public also have to habituate to carry their trash until they reach a nearby garbage bin. Unless we change today, tomorrow we will be having dirty beaches and it will slowly affect our public health, businesses and tourism. 

Actually the Clear Coasts Campaign aims to raise awareness about littering and its impact on the environment by cleaning the coastline in Visakhapatnam.Beach clean-up drive is one of our regular activities. People pitch in to collect beach trash to make the beach a more pleasant and safer place for everyone. Appala Reddy Yendreddi, a LEAD India Fellow who heads India Youth For Society (IYFS), a civil society organization that has expertise in marine litter control and plastic recycling. Local Municipal Corporation, youth groups, colleges, schools, residential welfare associations will be engaged, staff will also be engaged during weekly and holidays. The campaign is supported by the Australian Consulate in India under Direct Aid Programme (DAP). 

Yours sincerely 

NSS Sarath Chandra 

Secretary, India Youth For Society

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