Milk Pouches Collection Drive Launched

India Youth For Society (IYFS) has launched a new campaign for collecting milk pouches as they have become a significant threat to nature, agriculture, marine ecosystem, animals, and urban drains.  The pouches collection aims to recycle these sachets properly. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a severe matter per plastic waste rules. Manufacturers and Brand owners have got strict instructions on recollection of plastics and recycling them. Unfortunately, recollection is not happening. We also know we have a poor handling and disposal mechanism.   One of our interns, Mahima Devon, a Social Work Student of St.Joseph College, Bangalore, has conducted a short survey on the milk procurement, produce, and plastic packets for the supply of milk in Visakhapatnam. The survey says 396 million milk pouches are made in a year (per day, it is 1.1 million pouches), and there is no recollection mechanism. Our improper handling and littering clogs the drains and pollutes the oceans.  Therefore, India Youth For Society and Dr.V.S. Krishna Degree College jointly launched Milk Pouches Collection Drive at their college. Dr. Sastry, Vice Principal, Dr.Madhava Rao, Dr.Sri Vani, and Mummana Jagadish Kumar participated.  Addressing the students, Appala Reddy Yendreddi said that the public could drop milk pouches or plastics at the following centers. 

1)      Dr.V.S. Krishna Degree College (Mostly available for the staff & students)

2)       IYFS Office, CBM Compound, Visakhapatnam

3)      Pandurangapuram Park, Beach Road 

4)      Lions Club, Ram Nagar, Visakhapatnam

5)      Sagar Nagar, Visakhapatnam   .

IYFS  established a recycling unit at Dumping Yard in association with Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation.  After the programme, the collected plastics were sent to the Recycling Unit. 

Appala Reddy explained the importance of segregation and recycling . He gave a call to the students to join hands with India Youth For Society. 

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