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Clear Coasts Campaign 

India Youth For Society (IYFS) launched a six-month ‘Clear Coasts Campaign’ today at 3 p.m. at Rushikonda Beach, Visakhapatnam in which 21 BBA students of Gayatri Degree College and the members of IYFS participated. 

The aims are to raise awareness about marine littering & plastic pollution. Indirectly, it is to educate the public, fishermen and tourists, about the growing trash in the waters. Of course, the campaign is to demonstrate awareness by cleaning the coastline of Visakhapatnam everyday for the next six months.

Our campaign is developed with the 4C concept for saving marine species by preventing the trash and plastic pollution in the seas. 

1) Coastal Clean-up

2) Citizens Participation

3) Cotton or Jute Bags Promotion 

4) Collection of Dry Waste from source level 

In India, improper handling of solid waste and littering by citizens make the rivers & oceans completely polluted with plastics and other substances. Marine littering is seen everywhere on east and west coasts. As per reports, India generates 26000 tons of plastics each day and 60% of these floats into the seas.

The Visakhapatnam coast is much polluted as a result of visitors who throw the waste they generate on the beach. 

Ms. Sudha, a resident of a nearby apartment, shared her concern for the trash and IYFS immediately initiated a drive today. IYFS assured her that the IT Sez area will be cleaned in 5 days. She expressed that her morning walks are so bad because the roads and beaches are filled with litter like plastics, liquor bottles and trash. 

Comments by the participants: 

I am feeling happy now to clean this area – Ms. Sudha 

We should handle our wastage properly. – Dhanush, BBA Student 

This clean-up drive is also a good physical activity and cleanliness gives a good mood to the people who come to visit the beaches. – Jitendra, Student 

I organized a clean-up drive at 3 places last week. Now I am asked to make it a long-time campaign. I am excited to be a part of this Clear Coasts Campaign which is a meaningful one. – Venkat, BBA Student 

Appala Reddy Yendreddi 

President, India Youth For Society