The list of environmental, empowerment & employment projects.

  1. HELP Campaign
  2. Waste to Value Training Centre
  3. Child & Youth Counselling Centre
  4. Drug & Alcohol De-addiction Awareness Centre
  5. Animal Rescue Centre


HELP stands for our Humanitarian-aid for Employment & Livelihood Project. Unemployment is an increasing problem in India. The society conducts surveys to recognize industries that have a demand for manpower. It then facilitates training programs to upskill the unemployed population and provide them with jobs.

The Society is helping unemployed youth with the following jobs –

  • Jute/cloth bags manufacturing
  • Security Guards
  • Cab-driving 
  • Nursery Maintenance
  • Waste Management

These jobs provide a stepping stone for the unemployed youth to start or restart their careers. With a stable income, these excluded members of society find some semblance of a normal life and can therefore develop their skills to be able to practice upward social mobility.

Plastic Reprocessing Unit and Waste Management Training Centre

‘Plastic Free India’ campaign gradually led us to establish a recycling plant in collaboration with local government. Currently, we handle 2 tons per day and 11 people employed directly. Urban Local Body provided warehouse and Rotary Club donated machinery for handling more plastic waste. 

Handling Municipal Plastic Scrap through a mechanical recycling process known as extrusion in order to improve the local environment and offer continuous employment to individuals from socially and economically disadvantaged groups. We use the following methods to do so –

  • Segregation at source
  • Doorstep collection
  • Washing & drying
  • Milling
  • Floatation
  • Contaminant separation
  • Crushing, shredding, processing
  • Extrusion
  • Cooling & Cutting
  • Moulding

It is a service to the environment & public health. At the same time, it is revenue generate model. The unit creates a source of livelihood initially for about 8- 12 women (indirectly) who are under poverty line and help rag-pickers as well. In addition to this, any number of Self-Help Group women can be a part of this project.