We would like to introduce a project ‘Resources Recovery Park,’ where we provide solution for any kind of waste we generate daily at our home or work.  We collect all dry waste, transport and reprocessing properly. Plastic Reprocessing & Training Centre is a part of this project and the unit has got Consent for Operations from Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board. 

What all we collect? 

Being a socially responsible citizen of Visakhapatnam, one can help the local environment by giving us all the dry waste. 

Plastics, Books, Newspapers, Carton boxes, Clothes, Toys, Electronics, Footwear, Metals, Furniture/ Wood, Blankets, Crafts, Caps, Bags, Vehicles/damaged, Glass/Liquor bottles 

What do you do with the collected dry waste? 

  1. The first step we follow is segregation 
  2. Our second step is ‘reuse’ 

If not possible, ‘repurpose’ 

If not possible, reprocess it mechanically and the output will be supplied to the manufacturers. 

To register with us for the dry waste collection service, please fill in the form below.