Recycling Plant

Recycling is the best solution to the plastic pollution. Both residents and Indian Industry has a responsibility to address the difficult problem of disposing of mixed plastics packaging waste in an environmentally responsible manner. In so doing, another area of waste will be reclassified as raw material and reduce dependence on finite natural resources. A range of plastics products will be produced for the construction for roads and related industries.


The Vision of the Project Organization is to handle Municipal Plastic Scrap through mechanical recycling process (extrusion process). The aim of the project is to improve the local environment and offering continuous employment to individuals from socially and economically disadvantaged groups. Here is the model that is proposed for reprocessing: Segregation at Source, Collection from doorstep, Segregation, Washing & Drying, Milling, Floatation, Contaminant Separation, Crushing/ Shredding/ Processing, Extrusion, Cooling & Cutting. Moulding is another process to get it scaled-up.

The Service

“The service is designed to reduce the requirement for the landfill disposal of plastics packaging waste, which until now, has been the option for country like India. Landfill disposal is already overburdened in Visakhapatnam City and subject to increasingly tight environmental legislation. These increasing restrictions make landfill disposal less financially viable and less attractive to the waste generator.