Plastic Free India

Plastic Free India:

The campaign aims at sensitizing public about reusing, reducing and eliminating the usage of disposable plastic items from their day to day lives. We are gradually succeeding in lowering the amount of plastic-related harmful chemicals around us.

What we do?

  1. Awareness about the hazards created by discarded plastics; the team defines ‘awareness’ as behavioural change of plastics consumption (plastics consumption to be reduced).
  • Available Alternatives to the Disposable Plastics would be highlighted through various activities involving citizens and enforcement agencies. Cloth bags, paper bags, and steel items to be available and promoted.
  • Collection and Proper Handling of Plastic Waste, Recycling Process & Production of New plastic Items.

It is a service to the environment, public health and at the same time, it is revenue generate model. The unit shall create a source of livelihood initially for about 8- 12 women who are under poverty line and help rag-pickers. In addition to this, any number of Self-Help Group women can be a part of this project.

IYFS is a committed organization for awareness about hazards by plastics waste and to educate residents, tourists and the stakeholders involved in urban bodies. It would be great if there is good mechanism for recycling of waste generated by the residents and tourists – a proper handling of plastic would greatly improve the local environment and at the same time, offer continuous employment to individuals from socially and economically disadvantaged groups.