Fluff Fuel Technologies Derived from Waste Plastics

The name ”Fluff Fuel” comes from the word fluffy, and they are one of the highest grade of RDF (or Refuse Derived Fuel). The Fluff Fuels are produced through shredding, compressing and packaging (Baling) of:

  • Plastics
  • Papers
  • Fibers

The weight of Fluff Fuel bale is about 560kg/piece.

The current amount of waste plastic disposal is approx. 70 tons per day (TPD), which means the total amount of waste disposal and sales of Fluff Fuels is approx. 22,000 tons per year (TPY). The manufacturing facility started operations in 2008 has a processing capacity of 144 TPD.  

In 2013, the company successfully established a pilot project that created a recycling enterprise in Cebu, Philippines sponsored by JICA. It was taken over by Cebu City two years later and is still in operation today. The processing capacity of the pilot plant is 5 TPD.

Major Features and Advantages

I. Lower CO2 emissions than fossil fuel
Fuel consumers such as cement manufacturers or power generation companies can cut back on their CO2 emissions by 17 percent during the heating process by Fluff Fuel rather than coal. That is due to the lower carbon content of Fluff Fuel over coal.

II. Less electricity consumption than Refuse derived Plastic and Paper Fuel (RPF)
The Fluff Fuel production process consumes one-third the electricity required by standard RPF. That is because the Fluff Fuel production does not have a heating and pelletizing process like RPF does.

III. Takes up less space
The needed stock yard area for Fluff Fuel is estimated to be only 60~70% that of RPF due to the rectangular shape of Fluff Fuel bale that allows you to stack up to three layers.

As above, Fluff Fuel is an “Eco-Friendly” alternative fuel.
GUUN, Co. Ltd., founded in 2001, is a waste disposal and recycling company that specializes in creating technologies for producing Fluff Fuel derived from waste plastics and wood chips from various kind of waste wood

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