India Youth For Society (IYFS), an accredited organization to UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), was established in 2011 with head quarters at Visakhapatnam. The Society has grown from few nominal members to 34 active and efficient group members including volunteers. IYFS has four principal organs: Executive Committee, Big Brothers, Advisors Group and Review Committee. The Society runs its campaigns in Eluru, Hyderabad and Lucknow. The Society is registered under Income Tax Exemption, 80G (5).


To involve children & youth of India in improving civic sense and environmental concern so that we and our future generations have a fresh air and clean water


The team is committed to demonstrate change and to ask for individuals’ efforts to see plastic pollution free India and clean water bodies.


  1. to teach the students in schools about conservative methods and create environmental awareness in all aspects.
  2. To implement plastic pollution preventive measures through awareness campaigns, regular cleaning activities and handling plastic scrap mechanically
  3. To work on water conservation and to re- store the polluted ponds, lakes and water tanks
  4. To spread peace and nonviolence among youth and students
  5. To assist alcohol addicts with counselling and treatment through government doctors
  6. To help unemployed youth with mentorship and assist them with opportunities in waste management or any other fields
  7. To reduce the amount of traffic accidents in the city and their consequences by following the road safety measures and to identify safety actions that are necessary to achieve improvements.